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>>> good morning, america. this morning, october blast. it is not a trick. and for many of us, not a treat. a monster storm barreling up into the northeast this morning, with the biggest and earliest snowfall in more than a century. major cities in the crosshairs, as we head into a white halloween. >>> true survival. after six, long days lost in the wilderness, an 8-year-old autistic boy is found alive. no food and temperatures near freezing. how did he survive so long, all alone? >>> desperate decision. a mother's worst fear realized. trapped by a fire. she's forced to drop her two, young children out of a third floor window to the neighbors below. how did she work up the courage to do this? she's going to talk with us exclusively this morning. >>> and miracle pup. they tried to put him down but he survived. how did little daniel the dog cheat death? we'll meet him live right here in our studio this morning. >>> and we've got him live with us in the studio this morning. this is a huge get for us. daniel the dog. there he is. he's got a sweater on, looking chipper. >> looking
>>> good morning, america. this morning, target terror. overnight, the u.s. takes out 17 members of al qaeda in gemmen, including reportedly the son of a u.s.-born cleric, who was considered the most dangerous man in the world until the u.s. took him out three weeks ago. so, is al qaeda on the run? >>> battle on the streets. the crowds occupying wall street clash with police, as they prepare to march throughout new york, across the country, and now, around the world. huge crowds turning out today to protest the banks and corporate greed. how big can they get? >>> abc news investigates. the makers of one of the most popular birth control pills on the market is being sued. one woman alleged it put her into a coma and made her go blind. chris cuomo is on the case with a story that everyone should see. >>> and buzz kill. a starbucks exec said the whole world was just decades away from running out of coffee. how could that possibly be true? could the entire world grind to a halt? what's behind the java jitters? >>> that has to be one of the most frightening previews. it's not even hal
it off at a time when the u.s. said they had the insurgents on the run. >>> shark attack again. this deadly season of shark, nearly claims another life in california. how this young man's swim saved his life. we'll hear from his friend who was in the water with him. >>> and "gma" goes ghostbusters. you think your house is haunted. we put one viewer's house to the test. and is this house haunted? it's the ultimate halloween house party. the man behind it is joining us on the live show. ♪ >>> if they had taken that camera shot seconds earlier, you would have seen a fantastic dance by lara spencer. >> i heard "shake it" and i do what i'm told. >> you follow orders. can we bring up that live shot from california? this is a live rehearsal. they'll be with us about 50 minutes. this guy's been programming this house since march. >> how excited are his neighbors right now? not very happy. 300 hours of programming to get it perfectly in sync. no pun intended. it's a lot of fun. >> party rock house. our house is party rock house. just by having lara spencer with us on this sunday morni
back and forth from italy. and amanda's father, curt knox, joins us from perugia. good morning. i want to begin by asking you, what can we expect to hear in amanda's speech tomorrow? >> it's going to be a very heartfelt, spontaneous statement. you know, she's going to touch upon what she has felt through these fours years, what it has meant and then also the fact that she is innocent and she's very hopeful that they see that with all of the evidence that has been presented in the appeals trial. >> how is she holding up as the final judgement day nears? >> she's obviously very tense. she's 24 years old and potentially looking at a possible life sentence, that's not a pleasant experience for anyone. we're just very hopeful that they see that she didn't have anything to do this. >> we hear that the victim's mother will be in court tomorrow. her lawyer said that she will be staring the jurors in the eye, she would like to see amanda remain behind bars, are you planning on saying anything to her tomorrow? >> well, you know, we have two very different circumstances and you know, we have -- y
a minute. but first, abc's dan harris has the very latest for us from kansas city, for us. good morning, dan. >> reporter: good morning, to you. the parents of baby irwin insist they're fully cooperating with police. they say they take issue with the way they're being treated by detectives. they say investigators have tried to turn them against one another. they have accused the mother of failing a polygraph test. in the three days since their 10-month-old baby, lisa, nicknamed pumpkin pie went missing. >> we were running around the house, screaming for her. >> reporter: her parents, jeremy irwin and deborah bradley, have consistently said she disappeared in the middle of the night. >> please, bring her home. >> reporter: and they have also consistently cooperated with kansas city police. but late thursday, police announced that the parents had suddenly stopped cooperating. does that make you think, does that make the department think, they had something to do with lisa's disappearance? >> again, everything's on the table, as they've been saying for three days now. >> reporter: if they
it off at a time when the u.s. said they have the insurgents on the run? >>> shark attack again. this deadly season of the shark nearly claims another life in california. how this young man's brave and desperate swim saved his life. we're going to hear from his friend who was in the water with him as they frantically scrambled toward the shoreline. >>> and "gma" goes ghostbusters. you think your house is haunted? we put one viewer's house to the test to find out if spirits really are living there. and is this house haunted? but it sure is a lot of fun. it's the ultimate halloween house party. and the man behind it is joining us putting on a live show. ♪ shake that ♪ >>> if they had taken that camera shot just seconds earlier, you would have seen a fantastic dance by one lara spencer. >> listen, i heard "shake it" and i do what i'm told. >> you follow orders. can we bring up that live shot from california? this is the party rock house. this is a live rehearsal. these guys will be with us live in about 50 minutes to put on a show for us. this guy's been programming this house
sandell is on the story for us in kansas city this morning. clayton, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. well, little lisa has been missing from her home since early tuesday morning. there is no sign of her. but as you mention, there are two, new leads police are following this morning. the question is, will they be enough to bring this missing 10-month-old baby girl back home? they came together last night, praying for lisa's safe return. and lighting candles. tiny glimmers of hope where it is badly needed. earlier, the fbi and police searched through this landfill for a second time, finding something. agents armed with metal detectors were back at the home shared by lisa's parents, jeremy irwin and deborah bradley. now, two new leads. a source tells abc news that on friday, a teenage neighbor of lisa's parents was questioned by investigators. forensic experts took a dna sample. and investigators are looking into reports from the west coast, where a couple was seen with a small child fitting lisa's description. >> there's surveillance tape on the couple with the ba
that all u.s. troops will be out of iraq and home for the holidays. military families rejoice after nearly nine, long years of war. but there are many questions this morning. did we win? and are we safer? abc's christiane amanpour joins us live. >>> shark attack. an american diver killed by a great white off the coast of australia. this is the second fatal shark attack in the same area in two weeks. is there a man-eater stalking the australian coast? >>> stunning twist. new revelations in the search for baby lisa. a cadaver dog picks up the scent of a dead body inside her parents' bedroom. we have the police report that officials did not want the public to see. and what is the shocking statement her mother made to police the night lisa went missing? >>> and the cup cake controversy. lindsay lohan finally makes it to her community service gig, working inside a morgue. but why did her sweet gesture to the morgue staff get her in so much trouble? >>> and good morning, everyone. there's a lot of news to get to this morning. also, new details about the strange life of the man accused of releasi
, the "dancing with the stars" controversy blows up bigger, after maks tells us he won't back down. now, the stars take sides. >>> and good morning, again, everyone. we're going to get right to the shocking news about the madoffs. barbara walters talking to bernie exclusively in prison. telling her that he's not suicidal now. that he's doing better now. than he did for the past 20 years. >> he also gives his take to barbara on ruth. why she stood by him. why she wanted him to let her go. an extraordinary get for barbara walters. no one gets people to talk like she does. we're going to talk to her in a minute. first, dan harris is here with the ruth madoff bombshell. >> it is a big piece of news too. good morning to you. good morning, everybody. this bombshell comes from ruth madoff, who granted her first tv interview. in which she said, shortly after her husband achieved international infamy of greed, the couple form aid joint suicide pact. she is the wife of america's most-hated man. a woman whose picture we've seen but voice we had not heard until now, in this interview with cbs news'
. why would you accuse the mother, as she tells us, of having killed the baby without arresting her? >> well because you don't have any evidence. one of the things you do in interrogation is try to push people's buttons as much as possible because people who are guilty, particularly in a situation as emotional as a child being killed, either accidentally or otherwise, tend to push people over the edge. i think that's what they were trying to do. obviously, they have some consideration that she was involved in this. >> brad garrett, with the latest on this baffling case. bianna, over to you. >> all right, dan. >>> now, to your voice, your vote. and remarks over religion that are sparking an uproar, at an event, with rick perry. a pastor created a firestorm calling mormonism a cult. and rick perry is under fire for how he responded. david kerley had this story. with two more candidates in the field, it was only a matter of time before religion came up with this. >> reporter: romney tried to take care of this two years ago with a speech. it wasn't romney reacting. it was the perry camp
help from our own company. get us towed to a gate. something. i don't care. take it anywhere. >>> madoff family secrets. ruth speaks out last night. claiming she had no knowledge of what was going on. is she telling the truth? >>> and our party rock halloween. get ready for the scary, super spectacular. zombies have invaded our studio and times square. what are we all dressing up as? it's our biggest costume reveal ever. >>> live, from abc, live or dead from times square, this is "ghoul" morning america. >> happy halloween, everyone. look at everybody outside. they're dressed up in the cold. they don't care one bit. they're going to have fun this halloween. >> it's the biggest halloween extravaganza ever in the history of "good morning america." i thought you had a cold or something. i thought you were coming down with something on friday. >> i tried everything. they said, no, no. you're going to work today, george. >> love you, ali. we're looking forward to revealing our costumes. we have more hair and makeup people than i think guests backstage. >> it's a packed house. we'r
on this from our experts. here with us all morning. "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. amanda knox's u.s. attorney, theodore simon. thank you both. so emotional. what kind of impact will that statement have? >> she did what she needed to do. whether you like it or not, it won't have much impact. as elizabeth pointed out, these are jurors and a judge who have been deliberating throughout the process. they've indicated it's going to be a relatively quick deliberation process, so it's very hard to believe that suddenly, amanda's statement is going to change everything for them. i think it is a situation where if she said the wrong thing, it could have hurt her. she did not. and as a result, the case moves forward. >> what do you make of her statement? >> yes, this was expected. i think she delivered a heart-felt, impassioned plea. it's not only what she said, but how she said it. i think it moved the entire courtroom. it was perfect. it was right on target and expressed her condolence any way she could to the meredith kercher and her family, with how they were friends. as well as was very,
like that. >> break in on us. good morning, everyone. we have two, major stories front and center this morning. and two, major newsmakers here to talk about them. vice president biden is standing by to talk about how the u.s. will respond to that plot backed by the iranian government to strike here in the united states. >>> plus, herman cain, the latest republican for candidate to catch fire. he's fresh off the debate last night, where he also took a lot of fire. he's here live to respond this morning. >> we'll talk to him. you'll talk to him in a moment. >>> also, we're going to try something. this is our biggest proposal yet. we're going to help a guy out here. cameron's with him right now. he is going to propose live this morning. >> his girlfriend knows nothing about it. >> nothing about it. you're going to see it right here. we call it love, live. >> we call that one, brave man. >>> we're going to begin with politics. your voice, your vote. at the debate last night, where mitt romney shared the stage with herman cain. jake tapper has the highlights from washington. good morni
tracking the animals. he'll join us live with the sheriff from the command post. >> let's get to david kerley if the search zone. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it was a frightening night here, still continuing at this hour. wild animals on the loose. and a bizarre case. the owner is dead. the cages unlocked. lions, tigers and bears on the loose and roaming this neighborhood. the sheriff is taking no chances. his deputies are shooting to kill. overnight, police teams with assault rifles shot and killed this lion after finding him roaming this zanesville, ohio, road. one of nearly 50 animals that either escaped or were intentionally released late tuesday from this wild animal farm. >> right now, we're shooting to kill. lions. we've shot bears. yeah. and wolves. >> reporter: these pictures, another lion. as well as a bear killed by sheriff's deputies. >> these are wild animals. wild animals you would see on tv. in africa. >> reporter: police say it all began around 5:30 tuesday. 911 calls started coming in, after wild animals were seen roaming in the neighborhoods
with her family, beginning her journey back to the u.s. a stunning reversal of fortune after four years in prison. we have all the emotion after the verdict has finally set her free. >> we're thankful that amanda's nightmare is over. >> the new details about the hours after amanda knox left prison. her message for all her supporters. and the dramatic homecoming ahead. how she plans to rebuild her life. >>> and one-on-one with president obama. you sent us over 40,000 questions. we grilled him on the economy, the contenders. and why he says he's now the underdog in this race. ♪ are you ready for some football ♪ >>> and out of bounds. country star, hank williams jr., yanked from "monday night football," after 22 years. why his extreme words about the president had espn calling foul. >>> good morning, everyone. and right now, we're going to show you amanda knox's family checking in at rome leonardo da vinci airport. she's flying now, to london first. then, home to seattle. and we spoke to one of her biggest supporters. he says that amanda is full of many different emotions. but holds no
like us? >>> just like us. pushing his own cart. >> now, now, now, now. >> good morning. >> i'm with you, harry. >> happy friday morning, everybody. the snow on the ground in much of the country is taking people by surprise. we're still in october. and we're pulling out the warm clothes for the weekend here in the east. in fact, our lovely crowd outside, they're all snuggled together. waiting for the big snowstorm that's coming. we'll hear from sam in just a minute on that. >> it's cold this morning. very cold. >> it is. >>> also, the stock market taking off. up more than 300 points by the close thursday. best october ever in the stock market. the big question now, does that mean we're out of the woods and getting to the place where the economy really starts to create jobs? >> keep your fingers crossed about that. >>> and a real u-turn in the search for baby lisa. the family's lawyer has put a stop to the police interviewing her two brothers. the family turning down every request to meet with the boys since early october. >> and the lawyer saying here on "gma" this week that t
almost all of us may be exposed to more radiation than we think. what it means for us and our kids. >>> are baby lisa's parents telling the same story about the night the baby vanished? dan abrams sets them down separately. >> we're going to find her. >> how are you so certain? >> i know. because there's still a god. >>> and overnight, finally, rescued. the american researcher stranded at the south pole, suffering from a possible stroke, air-lifted to safety just hours ago. she speaks out this morning. >>> and we do wish you a good morning, everyone. that tragic crash in las vegas late sunday afternoon. happened early on this the race. in an instant. drivers say they have never seen anything like it. pieces of metal, car, fire, no car attached. the outpouring of just sheer, raw emotion on the track was immediate for dan wheldon. he was beloved on the circuit. >> you get a picture of how bad the accident was. that was wheldon's car there. the cars were so closely packed, once they hit, they went flying. he had no chance. >> people are asking, was the track too fast? was the field to
interact, from our phones. george. >> he found a way for all of us to create a personal connection. who would have thought that was possible which is why it's so fitting. the contributes are rocking around the virtual world. they came in on youtube, thousands of thousands on youtube. so many fans fluttered on twitter that it went down after the news broke and continued all night long and the powerful remembering him as well, bill gates, george lucas, president obama, just the other day said that steve jobs gave him a personal copy of the ipad, it's still on his desk in the oval office. he said steve was anone the greatest of american innovator, brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world and talented enough to do it. that's from president obama. >> it has been, as you said, george, just spontaneous, outpouring of emotion, support and plain old love. everybody feels that connection to steve jobs, and abc's john berman has been covering it all. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, robin. just simple flowers outside this apple store. who wo
next to you, our good friend, jack hanna. jack, tell us how you're assisting the sheriff and others. >> i drove about an hour to get here. i brought the veterinarians here. men that have done this all their lives. the sheriff will assess the situation. our veterinarians will look at what animals are there. and no human life can be hurt or harmed or whatever. then, we'll go to save our beautiful animal life. that's what we're here for. to take the animals to the zoo. we're moving things around now. we're trying to find out which cats are still here. no giraffes and no camels still here. what he did what had to be done. he's said this. there was a bear that came after one of his officers that had to be put down. human life has to come first. it's a terrible thing. people might not understand. that's what we have to look out for. that's ha this man has done. now, we have to take care of the animal life. you cannot tranquilize an animal like this, a bear, a leopard, or a tiger. if you do that, they become scared. that's why they want tranquilizing animals in the nighttime. >> do the law
to italy. and amanda's father, curt knox, joins us now live from perugia. good morning, curt. >> good morning. >> i want to begin by asking you, what can we expect to hear in amanda's speech tomorrow? >> well, it's going to be a very heartfelt, you know, spontaneous statement is what they referred to it as, and, you know, she she's going to touch upon, you know, what she has felt through these fours years, what it has meant and then also the fact that she is innocent and she's very hopeful that they see that with all of the evidence that has been presented in the appeals trial. >> and how is she holding up as the final judgement day nears? >> well, she's obviously very tense. i mean, she's 24 years old, and she's, you know, looking at a potential life sentence, so that's not a pleasant experience for anyone. and, you know, we're just very hopeful and she is that they see that she really had nothing to do with this horrific crime. >> we hear that the victim, meredith kercher's mother will be in court tomorrow. her lawyer said that she will be staring the jurors in the eye. she would li
and why it's a warning, really, for all of us. >> it wasn't that tough to get into these accounts. >>> we had so much fun with our series "love live" we're going to do it again today. round two today. matt winer of chicago is going to propose to his girlfriend, becca. she has no idea. you see her right there. she thinks she is going to be in a meeting at the car dealership where she works. she's going to sneak in on her. we're all going to be in on it. will she say yes as we watch? >> logan and leeta yesterday. it was beautiful. i'm sure it will be again today. >> she was surprised. >> genuinely surprised. >>> let's turn to josh elliott with the top stories for us. >> good morning, all of you. we're going to begin with the shooting rampage at a hair salon in southern california. police identifying the gunman, as we learn new clues as a possible motive for the shootings. david wright joins us from seal beach this morning. david? >> reporter: good morning, josh. this is being called the worst mass murder in orange county history and it happened here in this quiet beach town. 8 people dead,
. >> now let's get more on this from our experts. dan abrams. amanda knox's u.s. attorney, theodore simon. thank you both. so emotional. what kind of impablgt will that statement have? >> she did what she needed to o do. whether you like it or not, it won't have much impact. they've said it will be a relatively quick deliberation process. it's hard to believe that suddenly, her statement will change everything for them. i think it is a situation where if she said the wrong thing, it could have hurt her. she did not. >> what do you make of her statement? >> it was expected. i think she delivered a heart-felt, impassioned plea. it's what she said and how she said it. it was right on target. it expressed condolence in the only way she could to meredith kercher and her family, with how they were friends. and she was very, very clear she was not responsible. >> let's get more on what could happen. what the judges and jury are deciding. what are the options? >> the most severe is to increase the sentence to life. most people believe that to be the least likely scenario. then the judges and the
's apologizing saying his curiosity got out of control. >>> also ahead, diane sawyer gives us a preview of her inspirational report on the children growing up in the shadows of mt. rushmore. there she is with some of them. overcoming incredible odds to follow their dreams. their stories will touch your heart. >> it was a year's worth of investigating reporting from diane. that's coming up. >>> first, josh elliott in with the top stories. >>> we're looking at the park where those protesters are camped out. abc's cecilia vega is there. >> reporter: cheers broke out when they found out they were allowed to stay but that celebration over the postponement of the park cleanup has been followed by very tense moments here in this park off of wall street. especially as protesters starting to take their message into the streets of new york city. you can see now there are a line of uniformed police officers surrounding this park. this is there not allowing protesters to move out into the city streets or onto the sidewalks and want them here inside the confines of this park but a group of hundreds earlier
-trip fare hike to $10. this morning, delta, american, and u.s. air have matched it. domestic fares have surged as much as $80 on the year. >>> and the texas rangers now a game away from their first world series title. there's mike napoli. a two-run double into the gap in right center. it capped the late rally last night. the rangers beat the cardinals, 4-2. game six, tomorrow night in st. louis. and what a series it has been. >>> and what a rare treat for stargazers across the midwest and parts of the deep south. we saw at the top of the show. take another look. the northern lights. not very northern. they're seen for hundreds of miles. weatherunderground showing this particular show. when the sun interacts with the earth's magnetic field. >> sam told you that. >> wow. >> i provide all. >> all right, josh and sam. >>> now, to the latest in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. the defense now taking their turn, portraying the pop star as desperate for sleep. jim avila has been covering this from the beginning. and he's in los angeles with the latest. good morning, jim. >> reporter: goo
. could the u.s. be impacted as well? sam champion tracking this storm has the latest. sam? >> good morning, josh. this is rina, by the way. more than 500 miles across, filling the gap between the in the circle of concern here because it's a very powerful storm system. hasn't gotten an eye yet. but able to gain category 2 strength in materially morning hours. supposed to be a 3 by thursday. into friday. right now, the spaghetti models, or the spread on the models, have this thing curving toward cuba. we have to keep an eye on rina. josh? >> okay, sam. >>> two teenagers are in police custody after a school shooting in north carolina. the victim, a 15-year-old girl, was shot in the neck outside the cafeteria at cape fear high school. surveillance video showed the two suspects with a rifle inside the school. one is 18. he'll be in court today. the other, just 15, will be charged as a juvenile. the victim is in stable condition. >>> and for the second time in just the last week, the major airlines are raising fares. united and continental were the first to announce the round-trip fare h
raced the vegas speedway countless times. he took us on a ride on the virtual g.t. race simulator. he's racing 220 miles per hour through the very turns that claimed dan wheldon's life. the margin of error on that thing, is next to mog nothing. >> when you go this speed, it's like having 30 airplanes side-by-side all the time. >> reporter: for a novice like me, it's nearly impossible to stay on the track, even when you're the only one on it. wow. still, it is that speed, that danger, the indy 500 winner craved. just days before his death, he told the show, "extra," he couldn't wait to take on this challenging track. >> i think it's going to be, you know, one of indy car's greatest races outside of the indianapolis 500. >> reporter: now, that race will be remembered for robbing the sport of a champion and this young family of their husband and father. >> daniel was born to be a racer. and yesterday, he was doing what he loved to do. he was a true champion and a gentleman on and off the track. >> reporter: indy car has promised a thorough investigation. and the truth is, there's no hurr
, some people asked a couple questions. and she was equally forthcoming. she told us many stories, including some about some particular rituals that happened in that jail. one, for example, is that when a person knows they're going to leave jail for good, you take your toothbrush, break it in half. and then throw it away. another is when you leave jail, as you leave the jail, you slide with your right foot forward, as a symbolic gesture, to hope that someone else who should be rightfully released will be. and will be released soon. >> we know she was popular in the capanne prison. they were cheering for her when she returned with her acquittal and to gather her things. she has said nothing more, in letters and journals, than to be at home in her yellow bedroom. to go painting in the park with her sister, deanna. do you think she'll be able to do those things given all this notoriety? >> well, the notoriety is not going to stop. it's a compelling story. there's no question about it. i mean, she was monumentally wrongfully convicted. there was no evidence. everyone knows that. and p
information. to do the right thing here. all of these volunteers out there, working for your child, help us. help us do something here. >> do you think that the fact that this has become such a high-profile case here talking on national television, does that help or hurt the investigation? >> they get a lot more tips. it's both helpful and harmful. it's helpful that you can get so many people out there. as your eyes and ears. the problem is, you get so much information and so much of it is irrelevant, everyone wants to call in and provide a tip or information. some of it is total nonsense. hopefully, some of it is important. >> dan abrams, always a pleasure to have it. bianna over to you. >>> dan, we're going to turn to the occupy wall street movement. it's gaining momentum across the country ux with protests breaking out in more than a dozen cities saturday. we're at the downtown manhattan encampment. the demonstrations began more than four weeks, still taking place. >> reporter: good morning, bianna, you don't have to look far to see how much support there still is for this movement. stil
used by physical therapists. go to bengay.com for a $3 coupon. >>> good morning, america. this morning, burning down the house. those anti-bank protests that spread like wildfire across america have now gone global. turning violent in europe as demonstrators set parts of rome on fire and here in new york, protests spread deeper into the city with dozens arrested. we are live on both continents as the movement takes on new momentum. >>> rescue from the bottom of the world. the american researcher trapped at the south pole after apparently suffering a stroke is closer than ever to rescue. a cargo plane in antarctica waiting for a break in the weather to get her. is the crew risking their lives to save hers? >>> search intensifies, the governor of missouri orders the national guard to help look for baby lisa, the 11-month-old who disappeared two weeks ago. what did police find in an abandoned house near her home? our legal analyst dan abrams is on the scene. >>> no bull, one of the most exciting, dangerous and crazy traditions in europe is here this weekend. the running of the bulls hits
than anything. we're joined now by amanda knox's u.s. attorney, ted simon. ted, good morning. i've interviewed you many times about this case. that must have been quite a homecoming last night. >> yeah t-was amazing from the moment she came off the plane. we made arrangements with the airport to meet with her privately. and she came off the private runway with her family. i can tell you from a personal perspective, we saw each other. and she gave me a very, very warm embrace. and it was an amazing moment. she's very thankful. >> you did get a chance to talk to her about what life was like in prison. what did she tell you? >> yes, you know, we spent the whole evening together. she, with her family. and let's be very clear. this was not a celebration. this was an opportunity for her to spend meaningful time with her family. once anyone gets to know her, you can see that she's a sweet, kind, generous, caring person. she's thoughtful and joyful. she's just a delight to be around. you know, this was much less about her and more about spending time with everyone else. when you watched
came in an urgent u.s. intelligence bulletin. u.s. intelligence had been watching anwar al awlaki's location in yemen for months. when he emerged and climbed into a pickup truck, the attack was launched. drones fired hellfire missiles. and took out the man u.s. officials say was the most dangerous man on the planet. >> we just have seen a major blow to al qaeda. this country is much safer as a result of the loss of al awlaki. >> reporter: u.s. officials believe that al qaeda in yemen is going to have a violent response to the cleric's killing. the group could retaliate against the homeland for al awlaki's death. under al awlaki, al qaeda in yemen launched the attempted bombing of a passenger plane in detroit, by the so-called underwear bomber on christmas day 2009. just months later, they tried the printer bomb plot. they hid explosives inside printer cartrages. and then, shipped them from yemen on cargo planes to the u.s. even before osama bin laden was killed, some officials were warning that al awlaki was a more urgent, clear and present danger. >> he's an extremely dangerous m
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